Women can do any type of job offered

United States Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is the only branch of the military where women can do any type of job offered, which is a large draw for many.

The Coast Guard has the highest proportion of women, with respect to other services. The U.S. Coast Guard Academy was roughly one-third women in 2011 and was the first military academy run by a woman.

For the official US Coast Guard page, see here. For more information on the history of women in the Coast Guard click here. Timeline of events of women in the coast guard see here.

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Featured Women: United States Coast Guard

Rear Admiral Sandra L. Stosz

Rear Admiral Cynthia Coogan

Rear Admiral Mary Landry

Rear Admiral Cari B. Thomas

Rear Admiral Maura K. Dollymore

Rear Admiral Linda L. Fagan

Rear Admiral June E. Ryan

Rear Admiral Meredith Austin

Master Chief Leilani L. Cale-Jones

Master Chief Nancy Lynne Seely

Master Chief Janine M. Tschantz-Hahn

Command Master Chief D. Stephens

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