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The media over time has historically portrayed women in law enforcement in a variety of ways-not all of which were complimentary.  In part it is because the evolution of the profession required changes to the organizational culture and its hard won traditions.

Society changed as well when women joined the professional workforce in occupations that were historically all male.

What was unusual even a few decades ago is now commonplace. Women lead large organizations at the federal, state, local and tribal agencies and are represented at the strategic, policy, tactical and technical levels.

Click below to take a walk through our photographic history section to review stories of early pioneers in the law enforcement field.

The second photo gallery includes images from the mid-20th century highlighting the role of female police officers. Included are a 1944 Colliers Magazine expose on Female Police Officers titled "Job for a Lady," a 1941 Good Housekeeping story on policewomen, and 1941 Picture Post photo journal of the training of a police woman in the United Kingdom. Finally, included is a series titled "Lady in Blue" from 1936 with images of policewomen from around the world. Click below to review.